Budo or ”martial ways” is the Japanese name for all the self-defence-forms and fighting arts from Japan, still trained today.

In the Jujutsufederation of the Swedish Budo and Martialartsfederation we are training Jujutsu, wich means ”Art of gentleness”, or ”Art of suppleness”. Jujutsu is an old Japanese method for unarmed self-defence.
Jujutsu, as trained in Sweden today, is modernized and systemized to fit Swedish laws about selfdefence.

Jujutsu is also an excellent form of exercise for increasing one´s flexibility, coordination and strenght. At the more advanced level Jujutsu can be practised with very fast and complex techniques.

We also have competitions in Jujutsu. Sweden is a very successful nation internationally, with several European- and World Champions.

Jujutsu training is fun and variable. It covers for example: take-downs, throws, punches, kicks, blocks, joint-locks, ground-fighting and more. (training for children do not include punches and kicks).

We use different colours on our belts in order to differ the skills and knowledge of the Jujutsu students.
We begin with a white belt and then follows yellow, orange, green, blue, brown and a black belt. The black belt is devided into 10 degrees (Dan).



Jujutsu was introduced in Sweden in 1907 by Mr Viking Cronholm.
The modernized Ju-jutsu we are training today started to spread all over Sweden in the 1960´s. The Jujutsufederation of the Swedish Budo and Martialartsfederation has today about 9.000 members, in 150 clubs all over Sweden.


Contact: contact@jujutsu.se